Steamed egg

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Steamed egg brings me back to my childhood. My mother would steam the egg in a small glass bowl. I loved the silkiness and smoothness of the egg and would mix it into my rice.

As an adult, I’ve tried to steam egg, but did not have much success up until recently. I’d beat the eggs, add some random amount of water, boil water in a pot and steam the plate of egg (raised). I’d steam on medium, but my dish would come out rubbery. Such disappointment!

But ever since I found these instructions from, my steamed egg has come out exactly like my mother’s. This is what I was doing wrong:

  • for 2 eggs, add 6 half shells of previously boiled water. I don’t actually know what the difference would be if you just used tap water as I usually have cooled down boiled water available.
  • after mixing the egg and water, pour through a┬ásieve to remove bubbles. Note that if you have time, the bubbles will mostly burst on their own.
  • after lowering the dish into the pot, you need to cover the dish with a plate before covering the pot with the lid. And instead of turning it down to medium heat, turn it to lo and set your timer to 15 minutes.

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