Árbol de aguacate (Avocado tree)

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I wish I had record of when I planted my avocado tree – I think it’s been 1-2 years since I put the seed in a pot of soil. I’ve tried looking through old photos, but it’s a mystery. Anyway, it is almost 2 feet tall now. I’ve read that to make it bushier, I should pinch off the new growth every 6 inches or so; however, it seems to be doing fine on it’s own and as you can see, some of the new leaves at the top are now growing outwards off a new stem and not directly from the main stem. Since my plant seems to be doing fine, I will not start to fuss with it now. I may need to re-pot it soon as the pot is beginning to look a little small for the plant. I will have to check to see it is root-bound. For the time being, I think it is ok because the plant does not wilt regularly. A good indication of your plant being root bound is if you need to water daily to prevent wilting.

My plant has also had fairly steady growth over the last couple of months. I am wondering if it is because it inadvertently gets misted daily. It’s residing next to Meyer Lemon, which I mist daily. I had never considered misting avocado because the mature leaves are a little bit fuzzy.

Speaking of Meyer, I had missed a huge opportunity early in the year when it was in full bloom. I had been told that the flowers are self-pollinating, but over-looked the fact that it could use some help. The second round of blooms were much less and only 2 of the 5 had the pistil. For those 2, I took a q-tip and collected some of the pollen from the stamens and stuck the pollen to the sticky pistil. I wish I had done this back in January with the first blooms. I may only end up with 2 lemons this year, but I definitely know what to do in the future!


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