The arrival of the worms


As tired as we were after 2 house warming parties last night, we managed to get to Seedy Sunday this afternoon to pick up our half pound of red wiggler worms from Cathy’s Crawly. Before we left the house, hubby drilled the holes in the bin. The worms were packed in a 1L milk carton, mixed with coir (coconut husk). I’m sure it has been a stressful day for them, being exposed to light and having to deal with all the movement and vibrations. I hope they are settling in and enjoying their new home.

When we first brought them home, I immediately put the carton of worms under the sink. I then started shredding newspaper while hubby cut up some cardboard. We slowly poured in water to moisten the cardboard pieces and let it sit to soak in for a few minutes. When I had finished shredding paper, we dumped that into the wet cardboard mixture, along with some indoor plant leaves that had dried up, and started mixing everything together. It was messy and a little swampy, so we took some paper towel and soaked up the excess water collecting at the bottom. We then fluffed up the wet paper as best we could.

Next step, dump in the worms and wait for them to go into hiding – it doesn’t take long. Once they disappeared, we threw in a handful of coffee grounds (gritty and aids in worm digestion) and the buried some decaying food scraps (tomatoes, banana peel and basil). We put the food in 2 different spots and marked it with sticks.

Lid goes on and we brought the bin down to the basement. Hubby checked on them a couple hours later and much to my distress, the worms were crawling up the sides and on the underside of the lid. We quickly checked on-line and we read that worms will either attempt to escape if the conditions were too dry or too wet. We didn’t feel that either was true for our bin, but then hubby remembered reading something that said it was normal for worms to crawl up the sides when they are first adjusting to a new environment. We let them be and went to curling rink. When we returned, we checked in on the little guys and there were only 3 or 4 on the sides. So like we did earlier that day, we picked them off and put them back into the bedding. I’ll check on them again in the morning.

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