The Hammer

This weekend hubby and I participated in our first 2-day bonspiel in Ridgetown, Ontario. For those of you, like me, that haven’t previously heard of Ridgetown, it’s a small community south-west of London, not far from┬áChatham.

For fellow Canadians that follow curling on TSN, I’m sure you have seen these two Johnny “The Hammer” Chow commercials.

Well, this weekend, hubby was nicknamed, The Hammer. I think it started out because his looks reminded people of Johnny Chow. Then coincidentally, he made an important double take-out in one of our games, earning him celebrity status. He was a great sport and happily posed for photos. Personally, I think he needs to get his hands on a pair of those checkered pants. It would have fit perfectly with the black-and-white theme.

The Hammer

The Hammer & his prize

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