Worm bin: the purchase

Here is the 10 gallon bin purchased from Solutions for $13.99. All the information on vermicomposting will tell you to get a dark coloured container. A white one like this still allows light; however, the bin resides in our basement which is dark even during the day. Hubby preferred the white over black bin so that it will be able to easier to see what is going on inside (except it might be harder to spot white worms or white mites).


Worms do not have eyes or ears, but they can easily feel vibrations. Vibrations are not good for worm well-being because it is another element that causes them stress. For this reason, hubby will saw off the little notches on the underside of the lid, which acts as the locking mechanism. I have already asked him to drill holes in the lid and on the sides of the container to help with oxygen flow.

Last night we also started a compost container specifically for the worms. In a large tofu container, I added some moistened shredded newspaper and threw in some food scraps (tomatoes, banana peel, and basil) and I covered it with a paper towel, held in place with an elastic. I figured this would keep it more breathable than putting the lid on. The banana should not cause fruit flies as it was previously frozen. I’ve read that by freezing your fruit first, it will control fruit flies by killing any eggs on the skin (I think that is the logic). We did not add the actual banana as rotting banana really stinks.

Worms are able to eat half their weight in food every day. This means, we will be able to feed our half pound of wigglers, 4 oz of food daily. We are starting the separate collection now in preparation for the arrival on Sunday. We also need some food scraps for the babies. Last night we went through our old bin and we found cocoons! Our new plan for the cocoons is to keep them separate from the new colony, just to see if we can get them to hatch. I will clear out and save the current batch of worm castings that the cocoons are in, add new bedding and food into the existing container and add the cocoons back in and see what happens. I’ll keep you posted.

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