3 hours, gone

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Last night hubby and I used our 2 for 1 movie ticket to see the late screening of The Place in the Pines. We thought it was too drawn out, despite some of the positive reviews. We also learned that if and when we should see another opening weekend movie, we shouldn’t. Although we walked into the theatre 20 minutes early, it was already packed. We had to sit closer to the front, so by the end of the film, my neck was kinked. I’m not familiar with movie etiquette because we may only go to see 1 or 2 Hollywood movies a year, but I got a kick out of what happened at this movie. Right before the credits started rolling, EVERYONE jumped out of their seats and started leaving, so we followed suit. I haven’t figured out if this took place because it was past 12:30am and people were just tired, or because the movie sucked. I’d agree with the review of this film in the Guardian. That’s 3 hours of my life I will never get back. On the ride home, hubby and I joked about bringing the receipt to Pizza Pizza and telling them we want the wings instead. It’s an inside joke – you see, we had ordered pizza a while ago, and got this deal. But then I told the rep that I’d like to add 10 wings to the order. She told me that they had a deal going on for what I was ordering, but without thinking, I told her I’d rather just get the movie tickets. Note that in my mind, I was getting 2 free tickets.

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