Doors Open Toronto

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This past weekend was the Doors Open weekend. This year's theme was entitled 'Creators, Makers and Innovators' and featured many older buildings that have been redesigned, re-invented and re-purposed into modern 21st century spaces that host collaborative teams of imaginative people who are creating new ways of thinking, making and doing. Our timing was much tighter this ...

Red Wiggler cocoons

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We had a long weekend and one of the things hubby and I needed to accomplish was to prepare the "incubator" for our worm eggs. I have read that Red Wiggler worm eggs can stay dormant for 3 years in dry conditions, waiting for more favourable conditions. The eggs we collected are from our first ...

Idaho Stop

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Love this law! On the topic of stop signs at intersections... Drivers think cyclists are unpredictable, but lately drivers have been behaving unpredictably at stop signs. As demonstrated in the video, I am scanning the intersection as much as possible as I am approaching. If I see a car approaching from another direction and it seems ...


My corn plant has been moved indoors as of Saturday night. I should be able to move it back outdoors on Thursday, but tonight there is a risk of frost. Sunday morning when I glanced at corn, I noticed droplets of water. Of course, I decided to photograph this natural beauty.