First ride together this season

Am I a lucky gal or what? Yesterday morning as I was getting ready to paint my toes, hubby offered to do it for me, and boy did he do a fine job!

painted toes

We also went on our first bike ride this season. We rode to High Park and thankfully we were on our bikes as it was absolutely car/driving chaos because of the cherry blossoms.


Even by bike, it was challenging to walk our bikes along the pedestrian paths as pedestrians were everywhere. Finally, we decided to get back onto the roadway and ride on. Cars were lined-up and not moving. All exits were backed up. At one point, as we were weaving through the unmoving cars, I heard someone say that they needed to learn how to ride a bike. This ride was an important one because hubby hasn’t been able to get out to do this earlier. I took up my usual position behind him, but I stayed a little further out from the curb to ensure that if he swerved a little bit when looking over his shoulder, he’d still be safe. In return, he blocks the wind so that it’s not as tiring for me.

Our next stop was the Giving Garden, so that I could check on the Malabar that I had transplanted with Anna on Saturday morning. Three of the seedlings had fried as the sun was so hot. I gave all of them a drink and then we had to carry on. It was a little bit sad as I was packing up the little seedlings on Saturday morning, but it was very exciting to add them to the garden. It was really great to see them yesterday as I wasn’t sure how they would fare in the hot sun all day. I had been hardening them off, but I also babied them somewhat by watering them throughout the day. In the photo below, the plants on the right and left are the Malabar seedlings. The little ones in the centre are eggplant. They need more time to develop before I also donate them to the garden.


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