Golden Cherry photo update

Golden Cherry Tomatoes seeded on April 22. On May 1, two out of three sprouted. Possible last Monday (May 13), the final seed sprouted. That surprised me because I thought it was a dud.

Although I think I started from seed too late, I will give the seedling a chance. I did not start it earlier because I do not have grow lights and I feared that the plant would get too leggy.

It’s actually quite remarkable how quickly the seedlings grow.

I’ve purchased the Burpee Hybrid Black Pearl and the usual Sweet 100 from Plant World. They were planted on May 16th. This year, I’ve decided to give them more depth, just to see what happens. I purchased the 89L (23.5 gallons) recycling bin from Target for $10.99 each. I drilled around 30 holes into the bottom and they are propped up off the ground. Potting soil and compost are mixed together. This year, I also purchased taller cages. I think these are 42″ cages. They are from Lowes and cost $5.98 each.

I’ve also planted the White Habaneros from Urban Harvest as the leaves were starting to pucker. I could not see any pests, so I think it could be a calcium deficiency. Some people say to add bone meal, but I just used the Off The Vine vegetable fertilizer that I have on hand, which has calcium in the ingredient. I also purchased the usual Burning Bush (habanero) from Plant World as hubby really enjoys the heat, and it’s proven itself to be a great producer, even in a dark garage in October.

I’ve added the fertilizer to all of these plants, and the white pieces you see are eggshells.

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