Lighthouse Ride

Hubby and I wanted to check out the Lighthouse for the first time this season, but due to the Queens Quay revitalization, it took us so long to get there. We hadn’t realized that the construction had made Queens Quay one-way (westbound), nor did we see the detour signs for cyclists. This made for some tricky riding in both directions. Going eastbound, we had to ride amongst crowds of pedestrians on the board walk at Harbourfront. Going westbound, we were riding between cars and the concrete barrier as it was reduced to a single lane of traffic. We’ve learned about and have ridden on the detour path, which makes life for cyclists easier and safer. So for all Toronto cyclists that need to travel along Queens Quay, keep your eyes peeled for the detour markers and check on-line periodically to see if there are any updates. Ride safe!

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