Wild weather

We have been having such beautiful, summer-like weather the last couple of weeks, but yesterday, it turned cold and rainy. Overnight, it was gusty with rain, to the point that I had to bring in fig and then corn. I think the temperature was 6 or 7C, but I didn’t want to take chances with fig. At first, I left corn out there, but the winds were getting strong and I was worried he would snap. In fact, hubby and I had gone out for dinner and when we returned, I went out to bring in my seedlings and found my lemon cucumber was snapped by the wind. I was sad. Hubby decided we should conduct an experiment and see if we could get it to live by having the two parts touching. He devised a splint out of toothpicks, and afterwards I took a small strip of paper towel and wrapped it around the wound. Click photo below to enlarge.

Today’s weather is even more strange. It is still on the chilly side (7C). There is still wind. It rains for a few minutes, and then the sun comes out, and then it hails, and then it’s sunny, and then it rains… The first hail that came, I immediately ran out and brought in the nasturtium and the strawberry plant. I have hidden the borage under the chairs and they are sheltered in front by 3 bags of 60.5L of soil that we purchased today. Our house is now over-run by plants. I probably won’t take them back out until mid-week when the weather is supposed to go back up again.

In the photo below, you can only see some of the plants. Because I can’t be sure if there are any bugs on the outside plants that I brought in in a haste, I needed to keep some separation. Fig is in the TV room and avocado has been moved into the dining room.


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