Amazing day in Haldimand

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Sonya, John, hubby and I drove to Haldimand today to do this fun 73km ride. The weather was absolutely perfect. It was sunny and 23C with a nice breeze. Ok fine, the first 20-ish kilometres was kinda windy (strong head wind), but we all pushed through. Once we hit the lake, it was calm and the views were spectacular. Some of the houses on the lakes were amazing.

I love riding with this small crew. This isn’t our first time, so we are great at sticking together and we somehow just gel well, with someone always taking the lead and setting the pace. Hubby is usually the one with the directions, but John makes a good team lead. He’s the fastest of all of us, so he sets the pace. Today hubby took the rear position as he was using his helmet mirror. He’d communicate the directions ahead of time to John and he would yell out when a car was coming and we’d all call it out in a line so that the lead would be aware too. Like I said, we are a great team.

As we didn’t know where we would be able to find a lunch stop, we packed our own food. Son was generous enough to make hearty western sandwiches. I brought some nuked potatoes with sea salt, and hubby had dehydrated pineapple slices. We also brought dried mangos, salmon jerky, apples and gel packs (electrolyte supplement). We managed to find a spot down on the beach to rest and refuel. Getting down to the beach was a little tricky. We had to carry our bikes and walk down the sandy/rocky/grassy slope. Coming up was harder for me, but John was sweet enough to carry his bike and mine back up. Some funny photos from our lunch pit stop – John yawning? My eyes are closed.

The ride back to the car was less work. Hubby did a great job planning the route and taking winds into account. We only had a small stretch of head wind and some cross wind, but mostly, the wind was at our back. I really enjoyed the road conditions and the terrain – some gentle hills and some fun down hills and curves in the road. Traffic was light on these roads, and the ride back was mainly along farmland. We inhaled the scent of chives and along one road, lilacs?




Maybe I am in better shape this year because the ride did not tucker me out. I really could have done more. The weather had something to do with this because it wasn’t hot or humid. This was also the first long ride that I’ve been clipped in. I truly believe that riding clipped makes a difference in terms of energy efficiency. I used my orthotics because I noticed on shorter rides with the cleats, my feet (arches) felt a little sore. And on this ride, I also noticed no numb bum, or any body aches.

Including stops, this ride took us almost 4 hours 45 minutes. I’m already looking forward to our next ride!

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