Are these soil mites?

It has been hot and humid lately. Without the humidex, it’s been around 30C/86F. I have a ground cherry plant growing in a 60.5L/16 gallon container, with what I think is ample drainage. Today, I noticed fast moving critters on the soil. They range in colour from white to reddish brown, with some looking a little yellowish. They are the size of a pinhead. There are none on the plant itself, and there appears to be no damage to the leaves or setting fruit. They may climb up the sides of the container, but have a tendency to go back to the soil. I’ve tried a Google search. I’ve ruled out Clover Mite because the insects I have are not red. They are not Springtails because the shape doesn’t match. Is it soil mite, root aphid, or hypoaspis predatory mites? Are they harmful to people or plants? As of right now, it doesn’t look like they are doing any harm to my plant, but if they are slowly damaging my plant, I’d prefer to deal with it now before they possibly spread to my other containers.

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