First summer garden update

Things are generally looking good in my garden. The swiss chard is growing every day, so I will soon have to figure out the spacing. Although I seeded only 5 or 6, there seem to be more than that coming up. They won’t have enough space in the trough-style container.

I noticed this evening that the eggplant leaves have now developed spikes. Borage is flowering, but the bigger one now has some black aphids. What is it with my borage and aphids! The white borage plants seem ok for the time being.

Pepper plants are still small, but pest free as far as I can tell. The ground cherry plant that I got from Amy at the farm is doing very well.

Our spring was cold, compared to last year. Summer started with very hot temperatures and high humidity. If the temps remain like this, I may have to set up the watering system.

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