This week at the farm, I was helping Connor. What a huge difference between his beautiful, lush plot, compared to the plot I’ve been helping Phil with. I’m not saying it isn’t equally enjoyable working the new plot. That is rewarding in a different way. It was just a nice change to be surrounded by large, leafy greens, especially at 8 in the morning (after having woke up at 5:30 to get to the farm for 8). It was a peaceful setting.

Connor is the farm manager and he is likely one of the most task efficient farmers I’ve met. That probably explains why his plot has so much food growing, ready for market.

It was a weeding day – cleaning up all the kale and chard beds.


His lettuce beds also needed to be cleaned up before harvesting for market. We pulled up grass, a nameless weed, and lambs quarters.


You can tell what does not belong. If you look at the red lettuce bed, it’s all the dark green that we were removing. But there was a section that Steph and I could not get to because there was this bird, a killdeer, that was making a huge fuss.


Killdeer are ground nesters and this one had laid 4 eggs in the lettuce bed. As you got close, she would frantically notify you and if you got too close, she would basically puff up and make herself big to cover and protect her eggs. I realize that we should not have surrounded her as we did, but I wanted to get a glimpse of the speckled eggs. Trust me, you’ll know when you approach killdeer eggs.

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