Lemon cucumber stem update

Amazing! I was astounded when we took the ‘band aid‘ off the stem of our little cuke. Where the stem had snapped, it had fused back together!

I decided it was time to transplant him outdoors as roots were starting to grow through the bottom of the peat pot. Growth has not been vigorous, but I didn’t think it was getting enough nutrients in that confined pot, so last weekend, I filled a pot with Ultimate Organic Pro-Mix soil and put him outdoors permanently. So far, he’s still standing.

In addition to transplanting the previously injured cuke, I also had a healthy one that needed to be transplanted. I had been holding off because hubby had agreed to build me a trellis, based on a picture I showed him. He had already purchased the cedar sticks so it was now time to build. First, measurements had to be taken.


Without a work bench, sawing can be awkward. Kids, I do not suggest the air method for sawing. Leave that to the crazy people. No digits were lost in the process.


I may have failed to mention to hubby that upside down pots were placed at the bottom of the faux barrel, just to ensure some drainage. This meant that the structure was unable to be pushed all the way down, leaving it a little bit unstable.


The fix? Hubby sawed down the legs, but at the same time, he decided to reinforce the structure by adding pieces at the base (held down by the soil), and adding a couple brace pieces. This required us to dig up the soil to position it, but it’s not going anywhere in a storm. Thanks hubby!


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