Little wonders

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Yesterday as I was watering the plants, I saw this single, ripe alpine strawberry. This is the same plant that I over-wintered in the garage. I had never over-wintered anything before, so I wasn’t even sure I was doing it right. I left it alone and watered a few times over the entire winter. Come early spring, I noticed some new growth and it was around the 2nd or 3rd week in May that I brought it back outside. I cleaned it up, removing any dead foliage. I’m not sure I even added any new soil, but it’s bushed up again and it is fruiting.


I left it on the plant until hubby got home. Although he doesn’t have an interest in gardening, he enjoys harvesting. I let him pick the little berry and he only bit off half and saved it for me. It was sweet! This is how strawberries should taste.

In addition to the berry, I noticed another little fruit growing – the first cherry tomato of the season is beginning to form!


The weather has been much cooler than last last year. As I look back at some of my photos from last year around this time, things were bigger. I’m also sceptical that my Golden Cherry Tomato plant will have enough time to produce anything this year, but I’m giving it a chance. If I can get a few tomatoes, and if they are delicious, I’ll remember to start them indoors earlier next year.


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