My new 2 wheels!


Ta-da! The new and pretty-close-to-finished project. My red bicycle. My first steel frame bicycle. Absolutely exciting!

The frame is a Surly, purchased on-line. All the components were also purchased on-line by hubby. I know very little about bike parts, while hubby knows so much about them when it comes to what I need, based on my comments about riding comfort on my other bikes.

The Surly Pacer is nothing fancy. The description on their site is probably accurate. Oh, and it only comes in one colour – Sparkleboogie Blue. What is that, you ask? See the photos, but let’s just say it is a boy blue. We took the frame and fork to Byers Bush, a shop in Mississauga and had it powder coated a bright red. It was supposed to take a week, but they were back logged and we ended up waiting at least 2 weeks. No biggie since the components were slowly arriving by post.

Before taking it to Liberty Street Cyclery to have some things prepared, hubby rust proofed the inside of the frame. Once that was done, we were ready to build my bike!

Hubby taught me how to put the tire onto the wheel, and he let me help with the entire assembly of the bike, from installing the crank and chain, to wiring the brakes to putting on the pedals. It was an entire process, but it was a lot of fun, and of course, I had to take photos to document the experience. Threading the wires through, and hooking them up took the longest, but you definitely don’t want to screw that up.

Before wrapping the handlebars, I wanted to test out my new bike. Hubby tightened the wheels while I put on a pair of pedals. He adjusted my seat and made sure that the front wheel was aligned properly. I was ready to go. As I started riding, something felt weird and then I realized that my handlebars had not been tightened so they were rolling downwards! Once that was tightened, it was perfect. Of course, some almost-finished photos.

Hubby wrapped the bars and I peeled the stickers of my wheels. He then put on the finishing touches – decals – he made one especially for me and I LOVE it! Only thing left, order the white clipless pedals.

Thank you hubby for the gift of learning, and for helping me design this hot looking bike!

My friend who has become a steel bike convert, raves about the comfort of the ride. I must agree, it’s a smooth ride. As for the added weight, hubby weighed it and it’s 3 pounds heavier than my carbon fibre bike. I haven’t used it for a long ride yet, but I’m willing to give it a try. I was only going to ride this around in the city, and just use flat pedals, but hubby keeps telling me that it’s a road bike and that I should try it out on one of our distance rides. He refuses to put fenders on it.

I end this post with a couple photos of hubby’s beautiful bamboo bike.




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