A plate of peppers

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Peppers are the easiest things to grow, and there are so many varieties to choose from. This summer, in my garden, I have Red Lipstick (sweet pepper), Jalapenos, regular Habaneros, White Habaneros, Shishitos, and Chili peppers. At the FoodShare garden, I planted Thai Dragon peppers, which have done very well. We have harvested so many of these very hot peppers. At Fresh City, the member farmers are growing a variety of peppers. Jonah gave me one of his Finger Hot peppers. It’s hot, but not hab hot.

I will not need to grow 5 chili pepper plants next year as they have proven to be overly productive. I probably do not need to grow them next year at all considering I have a bagful in my freezer, but I will admit that it’s a beautiful plant.

White Habs are smaller than the regular habs, but I think the flavours are similar. Some say that the white ones are smoky. Personally, I can’t taste the smokiness, but there is a cool factor in the appearance. Come on, a white hot pepper? My regular hab had a slow start as I almost had to kill it before it came back to life. It was attacked by aphids. I am not sure if any will ripen before it gets too cold, but based on my experience from last year, the plant will continue to do its thing in the garage once the frost hits.

Jalapenos are not hot, even when I leave them on the vine until they turn red. They taste good stuffed!

Love the Shishito. I won’t say much more since I have blogged about them before.

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