This is 40

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This weekend, hubby and I watched the movie, This is 40. Although we are not 40, there were aspects of the relationship between Debbie (Leslie Mann) and Pete (Paul Rudd) that we could relate to and laugh at. The movie is definitely not realistic, and I can see how some people might quickly get sick of the couple and their petty problems, but it’s a Hollywood cheesy movie. What do you expect? Not realism I hope. We opened a bottle of wine and shared a few great laughs. The scene with Melissa McCarthy was certainly funny (I really like Melissa McCarthy), but for us, the funniest moment was the “help me” scene with Charlyne Li. She was so weird and crazy that we had tears in our eyes.

Maybe the movie could conjure up bad images of your childhood. Or if your present marriage is in an awful state, perhaps this movie would not seem so funny. But for us, it had it’s moments. And now hubby jokes about joining a riding group.

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