RYB Denim

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Last night I stopped in at the RYB Denim launch party held at Gallant Bicycles on Bloor Street. I had heard about this party because a flyer was hanging from my handle bars last weekend, when hubby and I had stopped in at i Deal Coffee.

I think the launch party was a great idea because it allowed female cyclists to try on the jeans for the very first time ever.

RYB Denim is focused on creating jeans for women that flatter your shape, breathe and stretch as you ride, and look great on and off your bike.

And it was awesome that there was a bike set up so that you were able to test the comfort of the jeans on a bike.

Currently, the designer is trying to raise funds in order to start production. If you are an avid city cyclist, please do check out her fundraising efforts on Indiegogo. If you are one of the first 100 people to donate $100, you will receive a pair of jeans if she manages to raise her target goal of $25,000. After meeting the lovely designer and feeling her passion, and trying on the jeans, I decided to give to the cause. You have nothing to lose. If she cannot reach her target, your money will be refunded. The campaign is currently continuing for another 45 days.

If you are interested in her jeans, make sure you watch the sizing video on her campaign page because it is accurate. I pre-measured myself, so I knew which size I needed to try when I was at the party. My sizing straddled 2 sizes, but for me, sticking to the waist size measurement was the right call. They fit like a glove, and move with your body. The reason I wanted the opportunity to try on the jeans is because they clearly look like skinny jeans, and I wasn’t sure how comfortable that would be when riding. Trust me, comfy.

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