Tomato flavour

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As the growing season starts to wind down in Toronto, I am already dreading the upcoming eight long months of bland tomatoes. I probably should learn how to can and preserve my home grown tomatoes so that I can enjoy the delicious flavours year-round. If you compare store bought cherry tomatoes to my gems, there is no comparison. Popping one of my little balls of sugar into your mouth is an experience. The skin is a little thicker so it contributes to the texture pleasure of the mini explosion when you bite into it. Unlike store bought cherry tomatoes, it is very juicy. And because it is vine-ripened, the leaves are allowed to convert the energy into sugars, giving my tomatoes such a sweetness, and more depth of flavour.

This video from Deconstructing Dinner, takes us to California to see the process of harvesting commercial tomatoes. Watching it made my mouth pucker in distaste, but then compare it to growers of heirloom tomatoes and I was salivating when they cut open the perfectly vine-ripened tomato.


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