Toronto Island bike ride

On September 2, hubby and I decided to take the ferry across to Toronto Island with our bikes. It was such a fantastic, sunny day. I haven’t been to the Island in over a decade, so I didn’t even recognize the place. Biking on the island is such a lovely experience, even though there are a lot of people on the main paths. The scenery is stunning of course, and it is interesting to ride on the residential streets. The cottages are very small, but cute.

Apparently it is inexpensive to buy a house on the island; however, the challenge is getting on the wait-list, which is capped at 500. There are currently 300 homes on the island. Residents own their home, but not the land. To get onto the list, every few years when the list falls below 500, the lottery opens up and if your name is drawn, you may become lucky #500. Only the top 100 on the list are typically offered real estate. So you’ll have to wait a couple of decades for your name to move up on the list. Also, the publicly owned Toronto Island Land Trust issues 99-year land leases to anyone who buys property on the Islands.

Anyway, we rode around the island, passed the clothing optional beach, and found a spot near the water to watch part of the air show. We also came across the Island Cafe, where we stopped and had a refreshing beverage and shared a plate of nachos. The place honestly made me feel like I was back in Barbados. We were seated on their patio, which was surrounded by beautiful flowers and shaded by trees. The building was very hut-like, with a bar on the upper deck. With the lake breeze, and the very relaxed atmosphere, you really do feel like you are on vacation.

The ferry ride isn’t long, maybe 10-15 minutes. On the way back to the main land, a commercial plane (porter?) flew overhead and quite close (great for photos). The Billy Bishop Airport isn’t far from the Island.

For those that are looking for a casual ride in the city, Toronto Islands is a great choice. If you do not have a bike, you can rent those hefty family bikes. I did see Bixis on the Island, but I think people brought them over, which probably makes for an expensive day!

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