Restaurant review: Hudson Kitchen

Hubby and I dined at Hudson Kitchen this evening and the food was marvellous. Unfortunately, I did not take any usable photos as it was quite dim inside and I did not want to use flash as there were a lot of patrons in the establishment (even at 8:45 pm when we arrived).

The dishes make me think up-scale rustic. Hubs and I both ordered the Wild Mushroom Salad, Rye Berries, Watercress ($14 each) to start. Plating was magnificent, served on an oak log. I ordered the Moroccan Style Braised Lamb, Turnip Salad, Couscous, Crispy Chickpeas ($28). It was braised lamb neck, which was tender and succulent. The pickled turnip salad was a perfect compliment to the rich and savoury lamb. The crispy chickpeas gave the dish some additional texture. It was a great dish. But the star of the evening was hubby’s Hanger Steak, Barley, Sunchoke, Chimichurri ($28). We have never had a hanger steak before. As we were waiting for the waiter to come take our order, we looked it up and learned that it is a cut of beef steak prized for its flavour and derived from the diaphragm of a steer or heifer. It certainly was a delicious and tender cut, especially with the chimichurri. Hubby said it was the best steak he has had in a long time. He admitted that the 48-day dry-aged beef rib we had at Auberge du Pommier was obviously really good, but this hanger steak dish was amazing.

Dinner ended with dessert after learning that the chef does not like sweet as much as savoury. And as a beet lover, I convinced hubby to share the Chocolate & Beetroot Cake, Hibiscus ($10) with me. This was seriously decadent and absolutely one of my favourite desserts to date.

My only complaint was that the heat was blasting too high for my liking. We were sitting in a corner, and I could not figure out where the vents were, but it felt like it was right above me, blowing down. My eyes were starting to feel irritated from being dried out, but I would get stretches of relief when the heat shut off. That was a minor issue I had with Hudson Kitchen, but that should not stop you from visiting and having a fantastic meal.

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