Knitting project: Backshore pullover completed!

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Knitting on double-pointed needles requires patience. Once I was down to about 42 stitches, I transferred from the 16-inch circulars to dpns.


I find knitting with dpns requires a bit more work because I feel I need to add extra tension as I knit the start of each needle, simply to ensure there are no holes. Also, my hand feels more cramped holding these short and awkwardly positioned needles. I was thrilled when I finally completed the first sleeve and decided to try it on for size.


The second sleeve was completed without any problems and then the least favourite part of knitting was required – weaving in all the ends. I decided to try the duplicate stitch technique on the wrong side, mixed in with my usual diagonal weave. I quite like the duplicate stitch. It looks very clean. I still have to do a light blocking, though I think it looks rather nice as is. I did struggle (and I mean really struggle) with the embroidery. I haven’t decided whether to keep that embroidered V just below the rolled collar. Hubby thinks it gives it that extra added embellishment to make it look less home made. My embroidery skills are so bad that I think it definitely gives it away as a hand knit sweater! All-in-all, as my first adult garment, I am very happy and proud of my work.


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