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It’s not quite summer, but sometimes a girl just craves a frosty treat. I discovered an amazing recipe for beer popsicles¬†from the Bellwoods Brewery blog. With the Gardner closed, traffic is horrible unless you are on a bike, so we ended up buying beer from the closest beer store. My beersicles are made with Lake of Bays Crosswind Pale Ale. I only needed 1 juicy lemon to extract half a cup of juice, and I added the juice of half a grapefruit. I also used slightly less than 1/2 cup of sugar. The popsicle mold is from Walmart ($2). I should have purchased two because the amount of liquid I had filled 12 of the slots.

The dominant flavour is beer, but it has a wonderful citrus undertone. It’s truly the addictively perfect adult popsicle.

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