Bottling wine at the Wine Butler

We recently went to the Wine Butler to bottle our 30 bottles of Amarone. The process is quite simple. You book an appointment after selecting your wine, go in for the yeast drop, and they call you in 10-12 weeks to let you know you can come and bottle.

After the bottles have been cleaned, you fill.


Next comes corking, which is a completely automated process. No muscles required.


Finally you shrink wrap the neck foil using a device that looks like a hair dryer, but much hotter.


The staff were friendly, and the price for 30 bottles of Amarone was fantastic, because we had purchased this experience using a Groupon, however, the wine was not up to snuff. We decided to try a bottle the same day we bottled, and it was weak. The colour was a little bit cloudy, and there wasn’t much flavour. I emailed them the next day to find out if this outcome was normal and simply needed more time to age. They believe that something could have went wrong during the fermentation process and gave me the option to receive a full refund, or a new batch. We decided to give this another chance and opted for a new batch. Based on their email, we should be able to bottle the new batch at the beginning of June.

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