Tomato leaves curling down

This is what my tomato plants look like now. They are almost 20-inches tall, and are still in their 6-inch pots.


You will notice that the leaves, especially in the upper region, are curling downwards into itself.


This had me concerned. It’s been this way for a little while, but after some searching, I am convinced that they will hopefully make it. Here’s what I found from the Folia website:

“It’s not Leaf Curl Virus, because the leaves always curl upward. I had a similar problem two years ago, and took some leaves up to Cornell Horticulture Department. This sounds very strange, but when the tomato plant top growth exceeds the root development, the plants react by reducing leaf surface area exposed to the sun until the roots catch up. It is usually brought on warm temperatures and too much moisture in the pot. They told me to ease back on watering, get my greenhouse temperature down a bit, and the leaf curl will just go away on it’s own. I planted-out the tomato plant, and sure enough the leaves straightened out and it was fine. This may not be what’s happening on your plant, but Cornell said that curled-down leaves are definitely not a result of disease. It is either a normal plant response or nutrition related.”

Today, I took one of the plants out of the pot to add some potting soil, in case the problem was related to the fact that the medium used is potting mix. The root ball isn’t big, so maybe what I need to do is take it out of the sunny spot as suggested above. I’ll try it and report back.

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