Kombucha update

It has been 8 days since I first started my batch of kombucha. Today I stuck a straw into the batch (under the newly formed scoby) and did a tasting. I am happy with the acidity; however, I have no other large vessel where I can start my SCOBY hotel. For this reason, I’ve decided to leave the brew for another day, and I have made another smaller batch of sweet tea. My plan is to let the new batch cool overnight. Tomorrow, I will divide the finished kombucha into smaller glass vessels to start the second fermentation. I will move mother (original SCOBY) back into her original jar with some of the current brew and add in some new sweet tea. I will also pour in some of the new sweet tea into the larger vessel, where I will currently hold the daughter (baby SCOBY). Ideally, I will need another large vessel where I can hold a number of SCOBYs. Alternatively, I can pick up 1 litre jars and store my SCOBY’s individually, or cram them all in.

From my photos, you can see that mother sunk to the bottom and the baby formed at the surface. This is normal. Sometimes mother will float to the top and the baby forms on top of the mother. In that case, you would want to peel off the baby from the mother.

My baby SCOBY is mainly white, but it has some darker variations in the centre area. The centre area was also above the surface as there were bubbles holding that portion up. With a straw, hubby gently submerged the baby under the surface.

I’ll update after the second fermentation.

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