Knitting season starts

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The leaves are changing colours and falling off the trees. We’ve had to turn on the heat in our house. Cooler weather means the start of two things – curling and knitting.

My first knitting project was inspired by a recent event. A very good friend had a baby. What’s very interesting is that up until the baby was delivered, she was unsure that she would love being a mother. In fact, she went ahead and got pregnant even though she was unsure she even wanted a baby. It’s a complicated story, but she and her husband ended up getting pregnant, and she delivered by c-section in October. The baby was delivered early due to some complications. Their little girl is described as small but mighty, weighing in at a little over 4 pounds. I decided to knit some things for this little one. I have sewn non-garment baby things before, but have never knit anything, and it was amusing and a little bit hand-crampy. Baby stuff is so teeny-tiny! My first attempt at the scratch mittens was incredibly funny. I’m still unsure how the first one turned out the way it did. Hubby and I call it the penis sock. The final two look much better, though one is pointy and the other round. Hey, that’s how you know it’s homemade! The second project was a pixie bonnet, though I have no idea if it will fit. It fits on my stuffed monkey, but I’m sure the baby’s head is bigger. The final project were no-slip baby booties. This project was tricky in that I got confused on the dpns and ended up knitting upside down. I fully realized my error as I was knitting the second booty, so after completing the second one, I went back to fix the first one. I don’t consider myself to be an experienced enough knitter to be able to go back and fix a knitted piece, but I really wasn’t interested in unraveling the whole boot. Slowly I pulled the thread, watching each stitch unravel, until I got to the point where I felt was where the mistake took place. I carefully slipped the four needles through the remaining stitches and worked through the project. The two booties are not identical, but again, that’s my special touch!

You’re probably wondering why the colours are not girly. My friend made it quite clear after finding out the sex of the baby, that her baby would NOT wear pink. In fact, the nursery is neutral with grays and greens so I stuck with gender-neutral colours too. I question the white for mittens, but I love how the orange stripes pop against the white. And talk about high-end mittens, knitted with cashmere! I opted not to add the strings to join the mitts because I felt it was a choking hazard.

Just to be absolutely clear, my friend does love her baby very much after she arrived. It has been a huge lifestyle change and she is still adjusting. To me, she has displayed the most normal behaviour throughout her pregnancy and even now. I’m always skeptical when people are thrilled to bits about having a baby. Wouldn’t all new parents have doubts?

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