Wagyu beef

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Hubs and I were at Costco today and the wagyu beef caught our eye. We’ve seen this many times before on our Costco runs, but today we decided was the day we would splurge and try it. The $54 price tag makes this a special treat, but definitely still cheaper than going out for a fancy steak dinner. Given that it is an expensive meat, he decided to see how other people handle the meat. Over dinner, he laughed and shared with me all the conflicting information. Some people say that you should put the meat in the coldest part of your fridge until you are ready to cook it so that the fat slowly melts, others say to let it come to room temperature, one person said that you should cook it no less than medium while another said that you should not cook it to more than medium-rare. In the end, hubs cooked it the same way he does for regular steaks, except this time he only seasoned it with salt. I only ate half of my steak, saving the other half for tomorrow’s brunch. I cannot lie, wagyu beef is delicious! And it paired nicely with our 2007 Malbec from our Argentina trip. This wine was from the beautiful Salentein winery. And now I must go back down and finish my glass. It has aged really well! When we had opened our first bottle in 2012, we both thought it was ok. We really liked it at the winery though, which is why we purchased two bottles. But this evening when we opened it, we were both so delighted.



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