Kitchen lab weekend

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It’s Saturday! The first big snowfall we had on Thursday is melting away with the warmer weather. Last night hubs took me to Branca for dinner where we shared a perfectly cooked skirt steak and suckling pig. Although this is known as an Argentinian restaurant, the steak was so much better than any steak we had in Argentina. Yes, this statement likely offends Argentinians, but we had overcooked steak five out of five times when we were Argentina. I’m certain it is because we did not go to the right places to get a perfectly medium-rare steak. Anyway, this steak we had at Branca was grilled to perfection and we were pleasantly surprised by the Highland’s farm suckling pig dish. It was not fatty, nor was the meat overcooked or dry. The wine recommended by the waitress did indeed pair well with the pig. I had the glass of the 2010 Barberesco, which she described as good at cutting through the fattiness while still have a big enough flavour without over-powering the pig. I also have to rave about one of the sides we ordered – caramelized endives – Oh. My. God. I have never enjoyed¬†endives like this before. I couldn’t get enough. We saved some room for dessert, only because the woman at the table next to us had something resembling tartufo. It wasn’t, but it was a good dessert that I would order again.

We went to bed late, so we woke up late, just like we like it. Hubs decided today was the day that he would attempt his kitchen lab experiment Рclam chowder from scratch.

It turned out pretty good, though we both agreed that it could be thickened up a little, and it needed more clam flavour, which could only be achieved by using real clams. I think he will attempt fish chowder next time.

After our late lunch, we hit up the Bulk Barn and I picked up some ingredients for cookies. I’m considering baking cookies as Christmas gifts this year, but of course I need to test out some recipes before I commit to this idea. I’m good at pie making, but I don’t have a lot of experience baking cookies. We don’t eat many cookies. For fun, I decided to make a savoury cookie, which is actually quite good. I made a half-batch and may have not used enough off the egg, so my batch came out a little on the drier side; however, I loved the rosemary-parm- maldon salt combination. We had it with our dinner. And I should mention that it paired nicely with the nutty beer we shared. This recipe was made with Taylor Swift and her 1989 album.

I also whipped up a big batch of Oatmeal Coconut Cashew Chocolate Chip cookie dough. I’ve baked up 4 to test, and I now have 25 pucks in the freezer. I really cut back on the sugar, which is why I think the cookie isn’t as soft and chewy as described, but believe it or not, hubs liked the cookie out of the oven. We have saved the other three and will eat them later to see how they are cooled to determine if they are gift worthy. This recipe was made with Sam Smith crooning.

I’m done with the baking for today. There may be two more types of cookies coming tomorrow, but my worms also need some attention. The bins are really thriving and we had to buy a fifth bin as bins 1 and 2 seem a little crowded.

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