Are your home preserves still safe to consume?

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As a new home canner, I have wondered about the shelf life of my preserves. I still have canned stuff in my basement from the summer. According to Food in Jars, it’s safe past the one year mark, though flavour will likely have deteriorated.

Home preserved foods remain safe for eating far longer than their first year, but their quality does decline the longer the jars remain on the shelf (or in my case, under the couch). This means that the jam you made two or three years ago is probably still just fine to eat but it may not taste quite as good as did on that summer afternoon when you first put it in the jars. Chances are good, though, that it will still be more delicious than anything you’re able to buy at the grocery store.

Want to know more? Check out their post, Canning 101: How Long do Home Canned Foods Really Last?

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