Lime basil – first peek through

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It is frigid out there. This is apparently the coldest winter we’ve had in a long time, possibly since the 1970s. I’m done with this long cold spell. I’m ready to move on to Spring.

It is still too early to start indoor seeding for my garden, but I was itching to watch something grow, so last the weekend I filled a little pot with some soil-less mix and seeded some lime basil. I covered the pot with a plastic bottle to create some humidity, and I placed the pot on the windowsill. It has been nine days, and this morning, I was delighted to find little sprouts pushing their way through the top of the potting medium! Maybe it is time to plug in the grow light.

Urban Harvest - Lime Basil

Urban Harvest – Lime Basil. Seeded February 15.

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