Pie Commission’s Mango Curry Chicken pie

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The Pie Commission has come out with a limited edition Mango Curry Chicken with Spinach and Lentils pie and it’s delicious! The curry provides a mild heat with a hint of sweetness from the mangoes. The chicken chunks are moist and the lentils are cooked perfectly. I detest mushy lentils.

The pastry is buttery and flaky. I baked these at home and it filled my home with a buttery and savoury aroma. The first hint of the crust turning golden is the wonderful smell of butter, and that is the moment my stomach started to grumble. I love the anticipation!


As I was photographing this delicious looking pie, hubs was eyeing it and asking me if he could have a taste.


He wasn’t disappointed. He wasn’t a huge fan of their butter chicken pie, but this one pleased him.

I highly doubt we’ll have the chance to eat this one again because The Pie Commission only made 60, and once they’re gone, they’re gone.

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