Capitol Reef and Moab

We finally arrived in Moab after a five hour drive from Bryce. I’m pretty tired, so I’m guessing hubs must be exhausted since he did the driving, and it wasn’t great weather.

I’m not sure what time it was, but the loud booms of thunder made me stir while I was asleep. It must have been very early morning when the showers moved in. I opened my eyes at exactly 08:00 hrs, the very time hubs said that we should start our day. When we drew open the curtains, it was wet outside, and my weather app showed that it was only 4C! After the regular complimentary breakfast of eggs and bacon, we loaded up the car and began our 2.5 hour drive towards Bryce National Park where we did a really short and easy hike to see the moss cave (aside – it was lame), and the waterfall. It was overcast, so the photos weren’t impressive, but the experience was still worthwhile.




We then said good-bye to Bryce and started our drive to Capitol Reef, in light rain. When we arrived at the park, it was still raining, so of course the visitor centre was full. Everyone was waiting to see if the rain would let up before committing to entering the park and paying the $5 fee. While waiting, we stopped at the Gifford House, where they sold homemade fruit pies. I’m about to eat the strawberry rhubarb pie now, in our hotel room. We headed back to the visitor centre where hubs spoke to a park ranger to find out which roads were closed due to flash flood warnings, and which hikes could likely be very muddy from the rain. Based on the information, hubs decided we could try the Cassidy Arch Trail.


I should back up and mention the weather again. Actually, let me back up further and talk about a stretch of our drive to Capitol Reef, which required us to drive at 9,600 feet through heavy rain and fog, then snow, on a very narrow and windy road with no guard rails. I’m not kidding. There was no room for error. You veer a little bit off the road and you’re honestly driving off the side of a mountain. There was snow on the ground, which hubs didn’t believe at first. It was crazy!


Capitol Reef has some awesome scenery. At least I could totally imagine its beauty under a glowing sun. As soon as the rain let up, we immediately drove to the start of the trail to our chosen hike. Because of the lousy weather, we were basically the only people on this route. Although the signage stated that this was a strenuous hike, it wasn’t.

If there is a flash flood, our car is a goner, but we made it to higher ground.


Cassidy Arch is named after Butch Cassidy and sits 400 feet above the Grand Wash Trail. The photo below is what we are heading towards. The trail ends on top of the arch. Allow yourself 2-3 hours to complete the hike.


Hubs stood above the arch and took photos of me taking photos of him. He was freaking out as I was getting closer to the ledge to take photos down through the arch. From his vantage point, it looked like I was going to tumble in when in fact, the ledges were a smidgen wider.



Sometimes hubs and I have some truly asinine conversations when we are hiking. For example:

Me: What was that movie called? The one where there was the hiker that had to saw his own arm or leg off because he fell into a canyon?
Hubs: 127 hours. He sawed off his arm with a blunt knife.
Me: Was it because of a flash flood that he was stuck in the canyon?
Hubs: He was running through the canyon and dislodged a rock and slipped.
Me: So, you don’t want me to fall into the canyon?
Hubs: No, please don’t fall into the canyon and have your arm pinned by a rock. I left my knife in the car.
Me: Couldn’t you just fashion some sort of knife with the surrounding rocks to saw my arm free?
Hubs: Why wouldn’t I just go for help?
Me:  (Utter disbelief) You’d leave me here, alone? Did that happen here?
Hubs: No, it was at Canyonland.
Me: Phew!
Hubs: We will be going there.

We made it back to the car shortly before it started getting dark in the Grand Wash. We saw a man hiking up as we were coming back. He was alone. I hope he made it back before it got too dark. I’d love to visit Capitol Reef again, under dryer conditions.

After hours of driving and listening to the rest of the Serial podcast, we have finally reached the end of the written story. The final episode finished 15 minutes before we arrived here in Moab. As I was in the shower, hubs actually did a Google search to get some updates. I had mentioned to him that after the final episode had aired, I had heard that Adnan’s case had reopened. Hubs confirmed this and read that he case will be be going for appeal in June of this year. The real-life story continues!

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