Edulis doesn’t disappoint

Hubs took me to Edulis for dinner this evening, and it’s still a great restaurant, with a focus on seafood. The food continues to be delightful. We opted for the 7-course menu and it didn’t disappoint. Perhaps the actual plates were more decorative the last time we were here, but the quality of the food remained impressive. The first dish, a prawn, was sweet and tender. I did have to get hubs to remove the head for me, but he convinced me to suck back the juices. Sounds gross, but it was tasty. The scallop was meaty and tender. I wanted more. Catfish and salmon dishes were splendid. I really liked the morel. It had a cool texture. We also had soft-shelled crap with squid ink aioli. The main course was veal (shoulder, tongue and sweetbreads). The dessert was my least favourite, at least the complimentary cake was. The server douses it with rum, or something similar, which was just too strong for us. We noticed another table also did not finish the cake. We both absolutely loved the seafood dishes. I wasn’t as keen about the veal dish, and hubs prefers the beef tongue that his mother makes, but to really enjoy 5/7 dishes is impressive!

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