Farewell for now, Moab

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We managed to pack all of our Vegas purchases into our three pieces of luggage. After packing up the car, we headed to our fourth and final state to catch our flight. We flew out of Grand Junction, Colorado. The airport is dinky! The plane we boarded was also dinky. It was a short flight to Denver, which is where we caught our connecting flight to get home.

I very much enjoyed my time in Utah and I truly believe that we will be back again. There is so much to do for the outdoor enthusiast. Spring is a great time of year to go, even if they do have some rain. Don’t let the rain get you down because storm clouds really do make for the most interesting photos. Rain also dries quickly so it’s not like you have to wait hours after the rain to do a hike. On our last full day in Moab, we were walking in town and a huge storm hit. It was incredible to sit on the porch of this store as the rain came down in sheets. As the thunder cracked louder, and the lightening strikes got closer, we decided it would be safer to wait it out inside of the shop. Within 15 minutes, the storm had passed and we were back out on the streets.

Other tips include rent a car and don’t expect luxury. You won’t find any high-end hotels in this tourist town. But who needs luxury when you are surrounded by nature’s wonder. Be open to adventure and be ready for anything. That’s the key to having the Best.Time.Ever.


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