A noodle craving

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What’s with the dreary, cold & wet weather? It certainly does not feel like summer. The entire weekend is supposed to be a washout. Cold weather has me craving a bowl of hot noodles, but I didn’t want something laden with salt, and I didn’t want to travel far.

After a quick Google search, I discovered a place in Mississauga called Man Doo Hyang. Pulling into the plaza where it is located, I would definitely describe the exterior as nondescript. It’s a Korean restaurant that specializes in noodles, dumplings, and BBQ. Based on the reviews, I decided to try the Handmade Noodles and Dumplings in Beef Broth. The other dish I had read about was the Traditional Korean Hot Soup with Beef Ribs, but like I said, I wanted noodles. The BBQ is supposed to be good too, but the portions look like it would be better if we had two friends with us.

The noodles are chewy, which is how I like them. The dumplings are big, and the filling is very different from what I was expecting. The ingredients are finely minced, and loose. It’s formed into a ball, but when you bite into the filling, it’s crumbly. I liked it. The pieces of beef in the bowl were tender. And the most notable element was the salt factor – I’m not sure they even salted the broth. I loved it!


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