Plucked cosmo

Who knew that 20-ish little Cosmo seedlings would bush out like this in six weeks?

It all started with seeding on March 31. These were seeded with both Cosmos and Sunflowers.


Over time, they germinated and on April 17th, this is what they looked like.


On May 7th, I transplanted them into the raised bed and they looked a bit sad. I wasn’t sure they would make it! After an afternoon in full sun, they really looked like they were suffering, even though they had been hardened off. Watering them was a challenge because even a light sprinkling of water would plaster them down to the soil.


I need to take a photo to demonstrate how busy the plants have become. They are actually swallowing the tomato plant. When I dug around to look at the base of the plants, they were incredible! I promise to follow up with a photo.

Yesterday, I couldn’t resist photographing one of the flowers in full bloom. Absolutely gorgeous! I’ve seen Cosmos at Fresh City Farms. In fact, one of the farmers is a flower farmer and she make bouquets with cosmos and sells them. Anyway, today the flower is not there. I’m not sure if the gusty winds blew the petals off last night, or if somebody actually plucked the flower. If the latter, I do hope they put it in a nice vase and are enjoying it. I’m glad that I at least got to see it and capture it’s beauty here. And hopefully, many more blooms will appear throughout the season.


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