Transplants – late to the game

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I’m about three weeks behind schedule. Usually I would transplant my seedlings during the third weekend in May, but we were on holidays, and then I still had to harden off the plants, and now we are into the first weekend in June! Time flies. This weekend I was rushing to purchase a lot of soil. This year, I had to purchase more containers. It seems I seeded way too many plants this year. Here is my weekend garden project in photos.

In addition to transplanting all my seedlings, we had to find grape tomato plants for my mother-in-law. Do you know how difficult that is so late in the season? We went to Sheridan Nurseries, Home Depot, Plant World, Lowes, and we finally found the last pack at Canadian Tire. They only came in a pack of six, which is probably too many for my mother-in-law, but hopefully she will be able to find friends that can take some.

I also found a lone rhubarb plant at Canadian Tire. It looked a little sad, but I decided to buy it and plant it up. Let’s see if a little compost can help it thrive.

Tomorrow’s project – plant up the tomatoes and peppers at the shop. All the seedlings are already loaded up in the car and ready to go.

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