They grow up so fast

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When I step back and take a look at my garden, I am always in awe at the transformation. Only four months ago, it was empty. There was my potting table, and three of the 89L recycling containers sitting half full of soil from the previous year, with some weeds sprouting. The deck usually looks spacious in the early spring, but boring and empty. This is the best time of year, when the deck is lush. This photo was taken today.


The awe also arisesĀ from knowing that everything (minus the figs) started from a teeny-tiny little seed. You see that tomato plant on the right, second from the front? This is what it looked like:


These were seeded on March 28th. On April 18th, it was a seedling.


This little guy is close to six feet tall today, and fruiting.



I added some plant food on the weekend, but I will have to look into this further. It may have a calcium deficiency. Some of the bottom leaves are mottled yellow.


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