What are those black spots on my pepper leaves?

leaf-spot-2 leaf-spot-1

The good news is that I am not easily spotting aphids on my Trinidad Pepper plants, and the leaves are less crinkly, but now I’m noticing black spots on a few leaves. I’ve noticed them on some of the Shishito pepper leaves, and on the Trinidad’s. I posted these photos on a plant forum, and the response I received from someone that works in the garden/plant sector is as follows:

Those are excrements (sometimes in liquid form, sometimes in solid form) from insects that might be scouting the plants then moved on. Check closely for further damage in a few days in case they come back.

Now that I think about it, there was a small, metallic coloured fly on one of the leaves. When I shoo’d it away, I did notice that there was a light brown, watery spot left behind. My eyes are peeled once again.

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