Who steals this?

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When we arrived home from work and were collecting our garbage and compost bins, we noticed that the green compost bin in front of our garage was not ours. Hubs emailed our neighbour to find out if they had accidentally taken ours, but they confirmed that they had their own. Our bin had our house number etched into the side. This leads us to believe that somebody actually took the time to bring their really disgusting and beat-up/broken compost bin to us, and took ours instead. Who does that?! I’ve ridden my bike around the block to see if I could find the culprit, but I have not seen our bin. I think I would have to do the ride on pick-up day because most people store their bin in the garage so it is out of sight.

There was no way we were going to take in the gross bin, which did not even have a latch on it anymore, so we left it outside on the curb. We contacted the city and requested a replacement. I’m not sure why the thieves would not simply do the same, if they needed a bin in better condition. Stealing is an offence! I’m wondering if they even noticed that the house number was etched, and not just drawn using a marker. Hubs thinks that maybe someone with the same house number purposely took ours because it was the same house number.


Once again, we used the dremel and etched our address on the side. This time, we included our street name. I asked hubs what he’ll do if this new bin gets stolen. He’s not sure, but I think it will mean we will have to install a camera because stealing is unacceptable. What if the culprit returns our original bin and takes the new bin?

Seriously, what loser swipes garbage bins? Maybe we need to add some bright spray paint to it too, just to make it easily identifiable.

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