And this is why I am done with tiles

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Weekend project – removing old silicone and resealing the shower. I think I did this five years ago because black mold was forming on the silicone. Back then, we purchased a DAP brand silicone that was advertised as 10-year mold-free guarantee, but FAIL. I recall it being a lot of work back then to replace the silicone, and it’s still a lot of work today. So why don’t I simply apply a bleach solution to the existing silicone you ask? In my experience, it doesn’t work because the black mold is not on the surface. I strongly believe the mold is in the silicone. I also detest the smell of bleach, and I find it to be a very harsh chemical that I don’t particularly want to pour down my drain. I know it is a harsh chemical because it was damaging the silicone and pieces were coming off, which is part of the reason why I had to replace the silicone in the first place.

With a scraping tool, I removed whatever silicone I could before applying a silicone removing gel, which is designed to dissolve the material two hours after application. It’s a brown gel, with no odour. You apply it with a small brush and then you wait. After wiping it off, I still had to do some additional scraping. To be honest, I’m not sure I got every last piece off, but after two hours of squatting and scraping, I’m calling it a day. There is still some black mold, but it’s coming from under the grout (in my opinion), so I have applied a water+tea tree oil solution. Tea tree oil is a natural, broad spectrum fungicide with claims that it kills all mold families. This is my first time using the oil for this purpose. I usually use it on pimples.

I’ve placed a fan in front of the shower and it is on full blast (our bathroom smells like the bottle of tea tree oil exploded), and once the shower is fully dry, I will start to apply the silicone.

As I wait, I am reminded of why I want my next bathroom/shower to be huge slabs of polished concrete vs tiles. The less grout the better! The shower at Margot House in Barcelona was sexy that way.




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