Italian dinner in Sevilla

We were going to try a tapas bar before the flamenco show, but when we arrived, it was packed and we were short on time. So we decided to wander down the street, which was lined with restaurants. There were many other tapas options, but what caught my eye was an Italian restaurant.


I suddenly developed an unstoppable craving for pasta. When we approached, we were asked if we had reservations. The waiter noticed someone settling up and told us to wait.


We were lucky because as soon as we were seated, more people tried to get a table and the waiter said that if they did not have a reservation, they were out of luck. The dinner hour, which starts at 10:00 pm, was fully booked. We were tight on time, so we ordered quickly, and as we waited, I took in the beauty of bustle of the street.


Our burrata chesse and grilled vegetable appetizer came, and we devoured it! I absolutely love burrata, especially Italian burrata.


The mains completely blew us away. I was in heaven with my Bolognese. The handmade fettuccine was soooo amazing, convincing me that from this point forth, I need to make my own pasta. I spend so many hours making Bolognese, so why wouldn’t I spend the extra bit of time making fresh pasta to go with it?


Hubs ordered lobster¬†spaghetti and he couldn’t stop thinking about it after he licked the plate clean.


I would have loved to stay for a coffee and dessert, but we literally had 7 minutes to get to the flamenco show. We ran in with a minute to spare. The space was small, and considering we were the last people to show up, we had the worst seats, but in the end, I still thoroughly enjoyed myself. Flamenco is such an emotionally intense dance. The dancers that night were very good (coming from someone who has never seen flamenco before). They drew me in and you could feel the electricity between them. I wasn’t sure what to expect because one of the women on the Backroads trip saw a show in Barcelona and was very disappointed. She found the performance lackluster, and the venue dingy. I actually selected this place, Museo del Baile Flamenco, based on the recommendation of a tour operator I was in contact with. I had told her that I wanted an authentic performance, not one for only tourists. I highly recommend the show. I admit the one solo singing performance wasn’t my thing. Just like the dancing, the singing is very raw and emotional, but comes across like shouting. The guitar is wonderful, and I ended



A comment on the seating – I didn’t love our seats because they were to the side; however, hubs noticed that people sitting directly centre-stage, close to the front, were getting sprayed by the water in the male dancer’s hair.


This is not the show that I saw, but this one also takes place at the Museo:

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