Seville is how I imagined Spain

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Luckily I was so tired that the noise that could be heard from room 112 at Andante did not keep me awake. In fact, I did not even hear the thunder that rumbled through the early morning hours. If you ever stay at Andante, avoid room 112 if you are a light sleeper. I believe the room is directly above the front doors, so you will hear it sliding open and close, and you will hear all the street noise as well, even with the window closed. 



This morning we slept in, which was a nice change. We had to check out of our room before heading to Sagrada Familia. That place is spellbinding. Just standing outside I was at a loss for words. I have never seen such a massively ornate building before. I can’t imagine how many painstaking hours it took to carve everything. The building continues to be under construction 133¬†years later. [More here]



The interior is so unbelievably beautiful and majestic. When we arrived, the sun was out so it filtered into the building and light up the stained glass windows, adding a beautiful glow to the inside. There are too many photos to post. Here are just a few.





We purchased tickets in advance, online. I highly suggest doing this so that you are not wasting time in line to buy tickets. We had also purchased tickets to go up the Nativity tower, but it was closed due to the weather. Disappointing. You will have to line up to pick up your audio guide, but it is fairly well organized because the staff ask you to only have one rep per group stand in line to pick up all the audio guides. We chose the audio guide because we waited too long and there were no more English tours when we were purchasing online.

After picking up our luggage at Andante, we jumped into a cab and headed for the airport. Off to Seville (known as Sevilla)!

We arrived 45 minutes late in Seville this evening, but that made it the perfect time for dinner. The flight from Barcelona to Sevilla takes about 1.5 hours, or you could take a 5 hour train ride. By the time we arrived at our hotel, it was 9 pm. During the taxi ride from the airport to our hotel, we saw a very bright building that looked bustling, and that is where we ended up going for dinner. The market is called Mercado Lonja del Barranco. Inside it comprises of many different food stalls that sell small plates and drinks.







Tapas is huge in Seville, and the way locals eat is to go to one place for a plate and beverage, then move on to the next place. You end up eating and drinking at a number of places. I love this. In fact, I love the culture in Seville, where people go out later and instead of going out drinking, you are out eating (and having drinks), but the main focus is not getting trashed. The streets were still full of people eating and drinking at midnight. I even saw people with sleeping babies in carriages sitting at the outdoor tables with friends.



It’s 2:30 in the morning and my eyelids are now heavy. It’s time to call it a night. I can’t wait to explore Sevilla more in the coming days!

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