Update to the Adnan Syed case

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Back in May, I had mentioned the Serial podcast (season one) that hubs and I listened to on our road trip from Vegas to Moab. It was the true crime story about Adnan Syed.

On October 5, there was a development – Abraham Waranowitz, the cell phone expert who testified came forward to say he doesn’t stand behind his testimony!

Today, something even bigger happened – A Baltimore judge reopened Syed’s case, which means his lawyers will be able to present new evidence.

I have discovered another podcast that is covering the same case, Undisclosed. This podcast is put together by three lawyers, that have also been combing through the minute details. They recommend that you listen to Serial before listening to their episodes, as Serial does an excellent job of presenting the characters and timeline.

Undisclosed has put together a useful visual timeline, for those that need a refresher on what has taken place so far. You can also find documents related to the case on their website.

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