A second grow light


I came to realize that I had too many plants for my grow light last year, so I asked hubs if he would be willing to build me a second one. I should have measured the length of the second table before he started this project instead of requesting one of the exact same dimensions; however, this works out even better. I will lay out a yoga mat in front of the plant table in this photo and have the second light at floor level. This way I can keep the seedlings contained to one area, and my remaining houseplants can stay on the shorter table.

Hubs purchased the materials earlier in the week, based off my original post from 2014. I had saved the PVC cutter, but for the record, hubs has now put it into his tool box (in case you ask me next time you’re looking for it.)


Measuring is the most important part. Measure once, and measure again.


When you’re confident the measurements are correct, mark and cut. For this project, having the PVC cutter will save a lot of time.


The only thing left to complete the project is to attach the light fixture. That won’t be necessary until I begin to seed and things have germinated.


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