My ginger experiment

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I love ginger, so I decided to see if I could grow it. I had a piece of organic ginger that was showing some signs of drying. I noticed a salad container on the kitchen counter that was ready to be recycled, so I filled it with some potting soil, gently misted the soil until it was evenly moist, and then I broke the ginger into three pieces and placed them in the soil. The photo above was taken on January 16, the day that I started this experiment. I wasn’t sure what would happen because store bought food can sometimes be treated with growth inhibitors; however, I thought that since this ginger is organic, it would have a better chance.

I did not soak my ginger in water overnight or at all. I did rinse it under the faucet, but that’s it. I didn’t cut holes into the lettuce container, but I am fairly confident that I won’t over-water.

I placed the container on my plant table, which is under my west facing window. It gets filtered light. I water gently when the soil starts to feel like it is getting drier. It has been 23 days, and two of the pieces are sprouting! The photo below is the most vigorous one, the middle piece. The sprout is at 1.5 cm. The piece that was planted on the left is now just showing some green. The piece on the right, which was the most shriveled piece, is showing no growth at all. Pretty darn exciting!


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